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Problem with completely shut down chips

You might have a look at my first review of the I-refill system a few years ago. The very first time I installed the cartridges one of the tuning chip was malfunctioning giving me a constant no maintenance tank installed....Because I discovered my maintenance tank chip resetter was able to reset almost empty cartridge chips, in the mean time I had to wait for the replacement chips, I swapped out the two maintenance chips and had all I-refill cartridges attached with the original cartridge chip -so here you have the one chip reset- BUT the LK chip could not be reset....despite the green signal of the resetter, which is a sign of a succesful reset....somehow the printer memories this chip as empty. When I got my two new control chips, this "unresettable" LK chip was back to life again with the I-refill system.

So resetter with cartridges: yes, but only when the ink level is not below 10-15 %, as with the maintenance cartridge chip. This is also important with the small size cartridges with tuning chip fitted on a craddle.

What if you do have chips that are completely empty ? The only way will be the advanced reset algorithm of the's I-refill system with the two controll chips, which also can deal with completely shut down chips. No one chip reset at a time, but the second best alternative unfortunately, as all chips will be reset to full again after the reset procedure.

It seems that not only me, but several other people seems to suffer from the uplifting of the tuning chip craddle, causing the cartridge to be stucked into the cartridge slot...this can be very dangerous to the chip contacts in the printer and might cause a malformation of these delicate contacts, when one tries to remove the cartridge with force. Not a good thing at all...
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