Cameras with Background defocus feature

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Re: Cameras with Background defocus feature [EDIT]

Barrie Davis wrote:

EDIT: On second thoughts, this technique could also improve the noise signature of the whole image.

Noise tends to show most in plain tones, or areas which are out of focus, where areas of sharp focus hide noise rather. In fact, the more detail there is, the more you can't see any noise which is present.

If blur is introduced to background in order to make them look further away, presumably any noise there is also blurred as a side effect of the process, effectively de-noising it. Meanwhile the sharp subject is denoised, as it were, by being sharp... (see comment above.)

"Ahh... But the thing is, these guys were no ORDINARY time travellers!"

Indeed... In fact all Sony cameras including their DSLT and NEX lines have multi-frame image stacking (MFNR - Multi-frame Noise Reduction) that take 6 images in quick succession. As high ISO noise is random in nature, it combines the 6 images to cancel out the noise and produces a single image with much less noise.

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