no SX40 HS review?

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Re: no SX40 HS review?

I own both the FZ150 and SX40. For JPEG quality, they are practically the same - very little to choose - some pics the FZ150 seems to do slightly better and others the SX40 comes out on top.

For low light as in a cathedral, (in program mode), I would give the edge to the SX40. It's high ISO pics are very good for a small sensor superzoom - the FZ150 is also good, but above ISO 800 I would give this one slightly to the SX40. I would say that the FZ150 pics retain a fraction more detail, but also have more noise, whereas the SX40 pics are cleaner. (However, with low light I find shooting in shutter priority works well and can often get blur-free shots at 1/8 sec or 1/10 sec - this often keeps the ISO lower than in program mode - often at 800 or lower - in this scenario, both cameras would be about equal in low light).

For video, this one goes to the FZ150 - excellent quality video at 50p/60p - very smooth.

I really like both and would find it difficult to choose between the two. The FZ150 is very responsive and its AF is very fast. One of the SX40's killer features for me is the 2.0 TC which can effectively double the zoom from 35x to 70x. These pics look great on a HDTV (that's the only media I use to view pictures/videos)

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