Just tried windows 8 and got dirty bits

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Just tried windows 8 and got dirty bits


Thought I would try Windows 8 again on an unused drive, unplugging all other drives,just in case.
The install was very easy and it all went perfectly.

Bootup went quickly and without issue, so I then set the interface and desktop as I wanted, removing all the Metro tiles and other unnecessary gloss, except the link to the desktop.
Turned off the PC, reconnected my other drives, restarted and ran without issue.
First thoughts are that it felt very snappy compared to XP and W7.

Installed Lightroom 4.1 to see if it ran better than on W7.
Installed ViewNX and that's where it all went pear shaped.


The computer hung on the next reboot, Windows 8 is effectively dead and has since left behind a few problems.

The drive that I installed Win 8 on is now not accessible by any means, or even visible in the BIOS, which suggests it has failed (though I find that a bit too coincidental).

When rebooting into any other windows OS (XP or W7), checkdisk runs on every bootup for every partition, suggesting that Win 8 set the dirty bit for every single drive and partition, before it left.............

Running error checking through windows XP reports no errors, but does not correct the dirty bit.

As an excercise I reinstalled Windows 7 to an empty partition and checked all the partitions for errors, but chkdsk still runs every time I boot.

Reading through various forums, it seems that this chkdsk problem is quite common after installing Windows 8 on either a dual boot system, or reverting back to your old OS after trying it out.

Nothing insurmountable, but just very annoying.

Info and solutions to the dirty bit and chkdisk



Info on the Windows 8 tendency to set the dirty bit



Hope this helps anyone else who might fall foul of this one.

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