The X-E1 is the New X200. What do you think?

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Re: The X-E1 is the New X200. What do you think?

You may be right.

Obviously the X-E1 is an X pro 1 without the optical viewfinder, and not an rebranded X 200.

My opinion is that, unless there is a great demand for a new version of the X100, that the X100 will stay alone.

The X100 was a kind of prototype, bringed into the market, to see if people will be interested by the concept.

The real beast, was the X pro 1, and the new Fuji mount. A new mount, and a new line of lenses is a huge investissement, and the priority for any company like Fuji, is to sell as much FX lenses and body as possible.

From the beginning Fuji announced that a cheaper version of the X pro 1 will be on the way. Basically the XE 1 is a somewhat smaller X pro 1 without the expansive optical viewfinder, and with a faster AF. Finder apart, and the improved AF, all the R&D of this camera come from the X pro 1, thus it can be much cheaper.
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