Pot. NEX buyer : NEX-5R? Move along, nothing to see here...

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Pot. NEX buyer : NEX-5R? Move along, nothing to see here...

Not to spam the NEX forum, but...but.....Ok, perhaps everybody has an opinion on the 5R, but perhaps not everyone should voice it.....but I have a bad case of mouthing off my opinions when I get annoyed.

Short summary:

I'm an avid photographer, I've had digital cameras since the Nexus V1. I love taking pictures and I have TOO many of them. Right now, I'm in the market for a new mirrorless camera.

My DSLR is too big to carry around all the time and is too obtrusive some times.

My P&S is not good enough most of the time. And I curse having this as my only option for really great opportunities.

The result is that I end up carrying both cameras, most of the time.

I was waning between Lumix GX1 and the NEX-5N. I decided on the Sony, then suddenly all this 5R hoopla started, so I pulled back for a little just to see what it was.

The 5R has NOTHING making me choose it over the 5N. It's new "functions" is mostly gimmicks and marketing hype and no real world significance.

WIFI : Why would you use WIFI to transfer pictures from the camera, when it uses up the battery, you don't get an external charger, there are security issues using it in open hot-spots, most time WIFI setup is a hassle anyways.

If a new function is implemented, it has to have real advantages over the current technology. I remove my SDHC card, put it in my computer and new pictures are automatically transferred to my Pictures Folder. It's fast, saves battery juice, I'm in control over the transfer and it's fast. Surf the web on my camera? Battery? Read email on my camera? Battery? I'm on HOLLIDAY come on. I have a PHONE already and it's stressing me out with all that email notifications.

WIFI, is "nice to have", I might use it 1 out of every 20 times. Not a real selling point.

180 degree screen: Come ON, have many times do I really take a picture of myself for Facebook? Not enough to warrant this function. DEFINITELY not a added function to use as a main selling point. These pictures look stupid on Facebook anyway, just like all those pictures of peoples dogs do. I might use this ONCE each year.

This function, might actually decrease the "mid-rangeabillity" of the camera. It's a function for tweens and it's hard passing off like a midrange-pro if you start acting like a tween.

Apps: I do NOT want apps on my camera. I want functions. Add functions I want and remove the ones I don't. YES. But call them apps and I get gastric reflux. Please, not EVERYTHING needs an app. No real world function for me, as of yet. The creativity in my pictures comes from me. Yet again, something that "downgrades" the camera, but I admit a lot of people might find fun to use. But I fear, the same people will get tired of this and just start taking "normal" pictures again.

7=Pro 5=Budget conscious glasses wearing pro'ish 3=I want to take pictures from my holliday....OH let's take a pic of myself.

Hybrid AF: Ok, perhaps this is an advantage. But it doesn't work all the time and not all lenses support it. That means, it's nice to have in some situations if you have the right lens. For MOST people (App loving wifi hippies hehe) this wont matter, they wont notice it and won't even care. It's a "badge" and it makes you feel like your camera is great, but you wont really know why or how. It's not something 5N users are complaining about en mass.

In the end, the 5R is nothing worth upgrading from the 5N (which is a good thing, environmentally). There is no real reason for Sony to release this. Production cost on the 5N must be down and they should be making more money on each camera by now.

The camera with all these new "hype" functions, might deter people who consider themselves as partly-serious photographers. (ie. me)

It's too expensive for "mom and pop", tweens and people who "just want pictures".

It's nothing more than Sony marketing wanting to stay "fresh" in the land of Internet.....and it's not "really" a better camera than the 5N.

For most people who might find the new functions fantastarific, they would be just as well off with the C3.

For a lot of people who considered the 5N/R, they might just start looking at other cameras, being that the 7 is too expensive.

BUT then there's the new 6. This looks like the heir to 5N fans, but it's not here not now, which is a faux pas from Sony. They are "downgrading" the 5, splitting the normal people to the 5R and the wannabes like me to the 6. I understand this, I think it's smart. But they SHOULD have released the cameras at the same time.

The 5R still takes amazing pictures at a great price. But it's a little annoying if you managed to follow my thoughts here. Because, would you really like showing off your brand spanking new camera when your grandmother's in the corner, taking pictures of herself for Facebook with the screen flipped up?

In the end, only the pictures matter......

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