At last - Complete article on new way to use AF on the E-M5

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Re: I added one more 5 or 6 step summary to the end of the article

BushmanOrig wrote:

Finally this should make it much better to implement fir you

Cool, thanks, I appreciate your last section.

There's some good advices for people coming from DSLR.

I agree that 35mm AF works pretty well on the E-M5 for everyday use.

Face detection works absolutely nice when you shoot headshots. It always locks focus precisely on the eyes and I got outstanding percentage of well focus headshots with the EM-5 and the 45mm f/1.8. But if more than one people is in the frame, it becomes difficult to use, and it's a better idea to take back control of the AF point using zoom AF.

Anyway, I find that the AF system of the EM-5 works very well, much much better than my (now sold) canon 5D.

My only problem is with the 12-50, but it's a lens problem as it is present on the E-P1 and GH2 too. All other lenses, Panasonic or Olympus, work absolutely fine on the EM-5.

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