Preferred D7000 RAW modes

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Mako2011 wrote:

The Big One wrote:

I used to shoot 14 bit lossless, but now shoot 12 bit lossy for most things. I get an extra 60% or so frame count / card, and I have done experiments which show that even with massive PP exposure changes and high dynamic range shots (i.e. unrealistically harsh conditions), there is little to no visible difference. For normal editing (in real life I don't push / pull exposure more than 1 stop), there is no difference. Try it yourself if you are curious.

+1. I have found that also to be the case. I have to work really really hard to make the difference even very slightly noticeable in large print. The gain in FPS is far more useful to me.

Agreed! I began using the 12 bit lossy settings because I could get 14 or 15 frames before hitting buffer overrun compared to about 9 with 14 bit lossless (with a D7k). When shooting high speed passes at airshows, the difference was quite useful (along with faster memory cards).

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