MBPPro 8 to 16Gb ram increase, worth it for aperture and D800

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Re: I just did what you are thinking of doing aka more RAM

Although I am experienced based on my employment. It is 10 small phillips screws to remove the case, 2 to remove the Stock HD from its position, 3 to remove the optical bay.

You must have a device like OWC Data Doubler just google "data doubler" and eshop macsales comes up at the top $59 USD.

Once you place the stock HD in the data doubler (here on out DB), use two screws included in the DB kit to place the DB where the optical bay was, then place the SSD where the stock Hard drive was (there are 4 screws in the stock HD that need to be put into the SSD) use a T6 torx screwdriver for this. then reverse all the phillips screws..

2 to secure down the SSD, and ten to put back on the base of the case.

THE IMPORTANT PART IS remove the battery connection cable aka disconnect the power, and discharge static before doing this....

See the videos linked below for installation instructions:


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