Contrarian opinion on the lens cap fn the DP2M...

Started Aug 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
little laker Senior Member • Posts: 1,536
I do use those Optech Flip caps...

I do use those Optech flip caps while on winter treks or wherever else I am afraid of loosing the caps.

They do work very nicely, and I don't recall any having broken on me. Although I do find they get in the way at times as well (like everything else I guess)

The thing that I was least fond of with them was the plastic threads. They often cause it to stick to the lens tighter than I like. The threads also look like the weak link and have almost worn off of most of my caps. However the metal threaded models should eliminate these problems.

I guess that I'll have to order a couple and try them, if I ever get the time off to shoot.
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