CANON LENS to m4/3 adapters QUESTIONS! HELP!

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Re: CANON LENS to m4/3 adapters QUESTIONS! HELP!

wylun wrote:

What is the best EF to m4/3 adapter WITH a aperture ring? If you use a adapter w/ a aperture ring, if the Lens itself was set on lets say 1.8... and you put it on the adapter.. how does that conflict w/ the aperture ring if the aperture ring is at its smallest (lets just say on the markings.. 6/6? or a f/8-16)

I've never used this kind of adapter, but a week ago there was thread where people speculated on their usefullness. Finally, someone with real ownership xperience said to forget these things. He said the restriction in the light path at the end of the adapter did very bad things for sharpness. I have to believe him.

5. can anyone school me in canon FD lenses or any manual legacy lenses i guess, (olympus,nikon etc.).. as they have their own aperture settings.

Most any 50mm f1.8 is as good as another and all are cheap. I have FD, OM, and AR mpunt 50mms. Fast 85mm and 100mm lenses are great for stage and sports events. If you shoot these, an 85mm f1.8 or 100mm f2 is fun, but neither are cheap. What's cheap are 135mm f2.8's, and all are about about the same. Diminishing returns as you go down to the 35mm and 28mm primes. Better off spending money toward a Sigma 30mm.

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