Gray afternoon w/ the 18-135 (4 images)

Started Aug 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Thanks all!Ji

loco77 wrote:

Very nice shots!

I have a K-30 and 18-135 and have yet to venture out in the rain. You have inspired me to do so ... some time!!

Thanks loco; I'm glad I inspired you. I couldn't help as I sat listening to the rain after dark that night thinking how on one hand I felt cheated...but on the other hand, I really enjoyed the mist once I set my sights on the B & W. Next rain, you better get out there!

miles green wrote:

This is the 2nd thread today that's making me want the 18-135, this time with rainy weather pix... Keep it up and's i'll be getting one soon!

Thanks miles. I really like this lens. It's very versatile and has more than decent image quality under most circumstances I use it in. If you want, I'll post a few more pics that I've used it for.

Jim, ozdean and Peteo--thanks for the encouragement! Even though I wanted the rain this time, the B & W just seemed like a natural under those conditions. Jim, did you want to see them all in color, or a particular 1, 2, or 3? Let me know and I'll post the color versions. Cheers!

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