S100 Repair Experience

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Re: Story of my S100

It seems like the numbers have been dropping... but like you, it will always be in the back of my head now when on vacations. Will it fail? Just not a pleasant experience owning this "high end" product, in fear of it failing....

Yours may not get that error a 2nd time, but you could be unlucky in repair like Gail was and it comes back out of focus. That would just about put me over the edge

skisagooner wrote:

So I just came back from the Canon place. Sat down and talked with the woman at the counter.

Here's a summary of our conversation.

1) It'll take a minimum of 10 working days to fix it. Then I'd have to go back there and collect it. Delivery would cost 30 MYR. ( 10 USD)

2) The defected part inside will be replaced, not repaired.

3) I asked for the camera to be replaced with one that is without the 'affected' serial number. Not possible.

4) I asked if they could guarantee that the same error will not happen again after the repair. They couldn't guarantee.

5) I asked how many S100 lens error cases they have handled. About 50, she said.

6) I said out of those cases, how many came back to repair it for a second time. About 2, she said.

Am really NOT assured about the whole thing. Any thoughts?

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