Nikon V1 vs. Sony RX100 ...thoughts and sample photos

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Re: Metal cameras vs. Plastic cameras

In response to some of the replies here...i will take a few more photos with each camera tommorrow set to auto on both...for those that questioned why i'd not have it on auto in the was just an error on my was set to shutter priority..I will put it on auto tommorrow..but actually the RX100 had an advantage with these photos as it was set to Intelligent auto..tommorrow I'll use the P mode..and let it decide...where it wants to shoot...again this isnt a scientific test...what I was trying to get that when a new camera comes out...everyone swears theirs is the best....the I.Q of all these cameras has gotten so good..that unless your blowing up the pictures and pixel peeping they look almost the the difference is in how it much you enjoy shooting with it..I have seen very good results with both camera's...the RX100 at times does have a little more detail but its not significant..the V1 on the other much more fun to shoot with...its faster in burst focuses faster...and it feels more solid to granted as some have said..its not in the itty bitty point and shoot categorie..but I didnt have a J1 which is more like the size of the RX100..but I still carry around my V1 and to me it feels more like a small DSLR than the RX100 does...the RX100 has way more options to adjust but sometimes its confusing to use also...and thanks to the person who mentioned sunny mode on the LCD did help..but the EVF is better..Sony should have included a hotshoe on this camera with the option to buy sure it will be on the RX200. I guess they're playing the apple upgrade game.
see u tommorrow.

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