A57 review is coming

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konradsa Regular Member • Posts: 163
Re: Do we really need it?


let's hope we all don't get disappointed by the dpreview rating and it stirs up some seconds thoughts.

Everybody in this forum seems to think the A57 is an outstanding camera, let's hope dpreview agrees.

Undah wrote:

I'm all for reviews, and eagerly await reviews even for cameras I already own. Sometimes I learn something I didn't know.

But in the case of the a57, for the first time, I wonder if we even need a review. It's an amazing cam, I already know what it can do.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to take away from those waiting for it. I'm glad it's coming, but this time, for me, it won't make any difference.

repdetect wrote:

In a comment I made about no A57 review yet in the RX-100 review comments Barney Britton, a DP reviewer posted:

"There's an A57 review on its way."

How about that!

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