FZ200 F2.8 600mm ISO400 100% crop

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Re: Setting the record straight.

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

VincentR wrote:

Sounds interesting. But I wonder what is behind an object that has been removed. Does the program just invent something that is similar to what sourrounded the object before it was removed?

Let say you have your tripod set up on a landscape and there is a tourist on the left side of your scene (1). Then you take another picture and there is a tourist on the right side of your side of your scene (2).

After you remove tourist one it will use the landscape from scene 2. After you remove tourist two it will use the landscape from scene one. The finished picture will appear as if neither was ever there.


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Thanks for the link to the video. That appears to be the same principle that I described earlier, except in the full photoshop version it's all automatic, no messing around with brushes required. The whole process requires about 10 clicks on the appropriate headings and boxes, as I described earlier, but the final click is on "Median" when selecting Stack Mode, instead of "Mean" for noise reduction.

I'm always in favour of the most effective procedure at the best price. If I can get effectively the same image quality with an inexpensive, lightweight bridge camera as I can with a DSLR at 4x the weight and 4x the price, I'll choose the bridge camera. But I don't expect that in all circumstances the bridge camera will suffice.

Sometimes there may be too much messing around stacking images or merging to HDR for noise reduction purposes, or increasing file size and resolution through stitching and being disappointed that movement in the scene has spoilt the final result etc.

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