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Joe -- if I understand you, are you asking if there is a way to have the XZ-1 pre-set at a given distance, like 100' away, and then just take pictures without having to focus again?

Try auto-focusing 15ft in front of the lens -- then switch over to manual focus, and the camera stays in focus while zooming the full range. Sort of a 'hyperfocal distance' setting.

I went around and around with this, hoping that there would be a way to set the XZ-1 at a usable hyperfocal distance, so that each time it powered up, it would be set to that.

Couldn't do it. Closest -- in M Manual mode, press the OK button and change the focus mode to MF. It shows a magnifier. Use the dial (up or down) to focus on whatever point you want. Now, it will hold that focus point until you use MF to change it... or go back to AF... or turn the XZ-1 off... which unfortunately cancels your MF setting. When the camera turns back on, you have to do it over again.

In practice, say photographing sports, you could use MF to set a sort-of-hyperfocal distance, then just leave the camera turned on as you take your shots.

I'm not sure if there is a real-world advantage to this. The XZ-1's auto-focus is fast and accurate. Exception -- sometimes picking up an airplane against the sky... if at an airshow, I'd do the MF to focus on a far-off hangar or treeline, and then blast away as the planes come by... and try to remember NOT to turn off the camera until the show is over.

Does this help?

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