GH3: the end of photography

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I used to be conceited...

James Pilcher wrote:

It's now reported that the upcoming GH3 will be fully integrated with social networks such as Facebook. Sh!t. Now we are being fed pointless video, anti-social "social networking," dreamy Cloud backup, and gee-whiz Android control. I can't wait to play Solitaire on my "camera." It's no longer photography. Some might argue that similar criticisms were made about auto exposure and auto focus. Wrong. Those advances were still about getting the image. All of this new sh!t has nothing to do with anything but our increasing electronic addiction. Of course you can disagree with me, but you will be wrong.

... but now I am perfect!

There are lots of things in life that each and everyone of us fails to understand, but that does not mean that they are plain wrong as you state in this case. Just because you do not need something does not invalidate it for someone else with a different point of view.

There are plenty of people out there who state very categorically that they have zero interest in video, and that therefore all hybrid stills/video cameras are the spawn of the devil. Personally I bought the GH2 precisely because it is both a very good stills camera and a good video camera. There are times when this is very useful. For example on holiday/vacation this summer our small cruise boat docked in the tiny harbour of Trogir in Croatia. 20 metres away there was a collection of prize Bugattis lined up along the quayside. My wife posed with the most expensive one and the GH2 plus 20mm f1.7 came into its own as a stills camera. Moments later one of the Bugattis started its engine and travelled along the quay. From our boat's rail I captured all this in HD video using the 14-140mm lens and camera microphone; the sound was stupendous even without an additional microphone.

My first venture into m43 photography was with the Panasonic G1 and its twin lens kit. Out walking in one of our local parks I came across a herd of fallow deer in a skittish mood. I took stills photos of them when suddenly the whole herd ran and leapt across the field in front of me. I cursed the fact that the G1 was not video enabled.

Rather than judging the performance of the GH3 based on a rumour, I would prefer to wait and see what it actually is and how it performs based on field reports. Sadly I am unlikely to buy it as I have just retired and paid for the marriages of both my daughters. Sometimes other things come before new camera purchases.

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