Is anyone still considering X Pro1 soon?

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Re: not that tense.... or am I?

Ruvy wrote:

You have mention knowing how to use OVF. I have asked it on another thread so far without answer - what is there to know in using OVF? Its not like you can do anything like manual focusing with it as in real RF? when I tried the camera, the only thing I needed to know is where is the AF point hitting and if wrong to re-shoot. Is there anything else? am I missing something very important about OVF usability that people get so attached to it?

and yes, by all means, serenity now!

Here's the big deal, well maybe not such a big deal after all...

(Owner's Manul, pg. 20)

This display is immune from digital video effects, and allows the subject to be viewed directly with no display lag. Subjects are always in focus, allowing you to check their expression at any time, while a field of view slightly larger than that of the lines makes it easier to locate your subject without removing your eye from the viewfinder. The viewfinder window is however at a slight distance from the lens, with the result that the display in the viewfinder may differ slightly from the final photograph due to parallax.


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