Camera you had the most fun with of all time?

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Most fun cameras

Had to think about that for a few minutes ... I had Maxxum 7 & 9 film bodies, each very satisfying in its own way (9 especially, due to its build and the sound of the shutter). And a few manual focus SLRs. But the most fun cameras I've used were a couple of 70's era compact rangefinders (Ricoh 500 and Minolta HiMatic 7sII) and my Rolleiflex TLR. This despite the fact that I owned them & used them while my main camera was an autofocus (Minolta Maxxum) SLR. Since digital, the Sony F717 has been pretty fun and the various DSLRs I've owned have been perfectly competent (I think in terms of "fun" the Canon A610 with its articulating viewfinder might have won). My NEX-5 is fun sometimes, but equally aggravating which renders it neutral.

So those couple of classic manual/mechanical cameras win out for most fun. Interestingly, they weren't cameras that could "do it all" ... maybe this points the way to what I should consider for my next digital camera.

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