Inexpensive zooms for D800

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Re: Inexpensive zooms for D800

1st - i made the same "mistake" - i bought the d800 and just a 50mm 1.8g. Was enough for the last 2 months. If i listened to "ÿou do not need that camera, buy a 5D2 / D7000 and some super-duper lenses", i've missed a lot of shots (and fun) - like shooting my friends at midday in the sea without flash or HDR, with no "clipping" and no lost of contrast.

Now a 28 and a 85 are coming, and by the end of the year a 300 f4 (maybe nikon will surprise us at photokina with some new G teles?)

2nd - never underestimate the power of lenses for a good picture. i just tested in an yellowstore the 28 1.8 vs the 24 1.4 (non scientific, handheld, just as i intend to use them on a daily basis). Even if the whole web agreed that the 24 had week corners and bla, bla, bla, the color saturation only put it in another league. Of course, you could use photoshop, but...

mattr wrote:

Ray Ritchie wrote:

My tentative conclusion is that, while I may want to buy some "better" lenses later, you don't really need to spend a lot of money on lenses to get started with the D800.

I completely agree.

All these claims that only the very best lenses are good enough for the D800 are baloney. Of course, better lenses will lead to better results on any camera, including the D800. But the D800 will also produce better results with any lens, even a cheap zoom, compared to e.g. the D700.

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