CANON LENS to m4/3 adapters QUESTIONS! HELP!

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Re: CANON LENS to m4/3 adapters QUESTIONS! HELP!

1. What is the best EF to m4/3 adapter w/o a aperture ring right now?

Without aperture ring? That's easy, any of the cheapies on Ebay should be fine. I have one marked FOTGA that works well. It cost me $13 or something like that. Get an all-metal one.

2. If you use a non-changing aperture ring adapter.. do you just shoot at whatever aperture it is all the time... or do you constantly just take off the lens.. put it on a canon body.. change it.. and then switch it back...

I use lenses with aperture control on the lens body.

3. What is the best EF to m4/3 adapter WITH a aperture ring?

Sorry, don't have one, so I can't help you there.

5. can anyone school me in canon FD lenses or any manual legacy lenses i guess, (olympus,nikon etc.).. as they have their own aperture settings i believe.. wat are the best common prime ones.. sharpest.. about how much? what do u use?

That's a huge topic. Every lens manufacturer has made a wide variety of lenses, of varying quality, over the years. Older manual-focus lenses are in such low demand that all but the really exotic ones (fast long primes, fast zooms, fast hyper-wide-angle...) are fairly cheap these days.

I have some Canon, Nikon/Nikkor, Sigma, Vivitar, and others. They all have their uses. Of my Canon lenses, I particularly like the 135mm f/3.5.


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