At last - Complete article on new way to use AF on the E-M5

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I did a re-write of the article plus added more info

The challenge is to give you a simple but effective way of using your E-M5, the added info is to give just enough background data to help you the reader put all in place.....

All down to 3 lines are:

Yes its better to press halfway, focus, check final framing and the press the shutterall the way,

1. I guess for 80 to 90% of the time we can use the 35 AF Frame mode for focussing. As said the E-M5 prefer the center position for the AF frame and will only seek another when poor contrast or lines in the center - it is therefor very viable to use the 35 AF frame mode - try and master
2. Activate face recognition when needed only

3. In more critical situations use the Zoom AF Frame - assign a button so all you need is to press that button when you need this mode

4. In even more demanding cases zoom into the Zoom AF frame by pressing the button a 2nd time....

I wrote articles on how to program the button plus on how to configure your E.M5 for use this way......

If you are more technical and want to know why and how, see the interesting work Timur did.



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