Portrait Plus vs. Portrait Professional vs Portraiture

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Re: Portrait Plus vs. Portrait Professional vs Portraiture

I use Imagenomic's Portraiture extensively. Tried Portrait Professional trial once years ago. It seemed it was mostly about face "shaping", with skin smoothing a second priority. Never tried the Acrasoft product. Also have extensive experience with the Photoshop bluring, degrunging, dodge&burn, and frequency separation techniques.

I find Portraiture can do a better job and quicker than other tools and techniques. But you have to learn how to use it. The controls are critical. And often, one set of controls is not adequate. Need to do multiple passes on layers, one for the heavy lifting and one for the light adjustments. Example, the "default" may not be enough for some blemishes, but way too much for relatively clean areas. But usually, I clean major blemishes with healing/cloning first.

I don't think the auto masking works very well, so I usually run it on a separate layer with auto masking off, and then use a photoshop mask to paint in the effect. That manual mask painting is usually pretty quick, just a soft round brush, 100% for heavy areas, something less for light areas, avoiding eyes, lips, hairline, nose holes, etc. Accurate edges are not that critical. If you stray into a boundry it's no big deal.

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