Do optical WB filters improve RAW color latititude?

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Re: Sensor filters and colour accuracy

Hello Alan

Thank you for your response, makes perfect sense and draws attention to the fact I need to be a little more precise some times in posts and also helps clarify a couple if issues.

There needs to be a limited amount of crosstalk for good neutrals, otherwise they would end up somewhat strongly coloured but the cross talk should not be so great as to lower colour separation between what should be clearly different colours of the spectrum.

The problem with many small sensors and from my experience even some larger ones is too much cross talk in an effort to improve high ISO performance. Perfect colour from the filtering end is a product of walking a pretty fine line with cross channel filter densities/strengths.

The point I was trying to get across, (poorly I am afraid) in response to one of the posts made was that it is not the differing levels of exposure in the channels that give us good colour but the spectral separation enabled by the 3 colour filters, the exposure variance is a necessary by product of the process which if we could avoid it would be preferable.

Your response is so helpful as it draws attention to why some cameras have sensors that do not need to be fully zeroed out to get optimal colour whilst others do, and also explains why it is not possible to simply have some standard filter pack that works for lots of cameras.

By way of example, the NEX 5n does not fully benefit from total sensor balancing and attempting to reconstruct correct colour if you do is extremely difficult, it needs a somewhat modified approach. On the other hand the Sony A900 gives stunning files with extraordinary colour stability under wild white balance variations when perfectly balanced.

Which all as you say goes to show theory can point you in a direction but practical application is needed for surety and clarity.

Of course all of this colour stuff is rather hard for any of us, after all we are not privy to the inner workings of the sensor makers and how they have configured things both hardware wise and electronically......we can only make a best guess, which is often wrong of course.

Hope we chat again

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Trying to make the complex simple

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