Is micro 4/3 unstoppable?

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Re: Is micro 4/3 unstoppable?

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

Do you think micro 4/3s is here for the long haul?

I personally think the majority of m4/3 owners want a better phone camera, without realizing what their true desire actually is.

Therefore, no, I don't think m4/3 is here for the long haul in its current form.

Nokia 808 is basically the prototype of future fully-portable photography. Mobile phones have already almost destroyed the compact (P&S) market, and they'll do the same to small mirrorless cameras in a few years. Medium format is going to replace FF, FF will vanish, and APS-C will continue to live in DSLR-like bodies for prosumers. m4/3 needs an increase in body size and lens performance if it wants to live to compete with APS-C, and then we're mostly back to regular 4/3.

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