Thom Hogans review pointed out a D800 metering issue??

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Re: Thom Hogans review pointed out a D800 metering issue??

I have been using Nikons since the Nikon FM era. The matrix metering covered a good 90% of the situations and is useful for time saving purposes if you have a decent understanding how it works and what are the possible issues.

Ever since the introduction of multiple AF points and more than 5 segments for the matrix metering, the Nikons worked about the same. They all gave some increased priority to the segment corresponding to the AF sensor used. The amount of adjustment was different for different camera models, but it was there.

For contrasty scenes like the ones described with the bride and groom, NO metering system will ever work. Either you use the DR to recover the shadows or accept lost highlights or lack of detail in blacks or shoot something else.

The camera is a tool. You have to learn how to use it. There is no way around that.

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