Portrait Plus vs. Portrait Professional vs Portraiture

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Re: Portrait Plus vs. Portrait Professional vs Portraiture

I'm not a professional, but I love portraiture and have tried a variety of enhancement programs, although not all of those that you have listed. So here is my take:

Imagenomics' Portraiture is fast and easy, but it has a strong tendency to produce artificially smooth skin. To minimize this, I usually place the Fine and Medium Smoothness sliders far to the left, and even then, I sometimes have to add "film grain" in CS5. It has no blemish brush, which is a major deficiency, IMO.

Nik Software's Color Efex Pro has a Dynamic Skin Softener filter, which works for limited touchups, but is a rather basic tool.

OnOne's Perfect Portrait is somewhat slow and clunky on my aging Mac, but it is the most powerful of the programs that I have tried and produces the best results, as well. I especially like the blemish brush, which, by setting the opacity at about 30%, can produce very pleasing, realistic looking skin. It also has tools for adding skin texture and for enhancing eyes and mouths.

So, in my workflow, when I want a fast and basic touchup, I usually go with Portraiture, but when I want better, more finely tuned results, I reach for Perfect Portrait. I will be interested in hearing from others who have experience with portraiture software.


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