D800 came back from repair and so far everything is sharp

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Re: D800 came back from repair and so far everything is sharp

It took 11 days but I told them I was not in a hurry. Otherwise they told me it takes 2/3 days.

The thing is that I wasn't planning to buy the camera because the previous 4 I've tested had the same issues and I didn't want to do the job that Nikon is supposed to do in QC, (I mean sending the camera for repair). But, the camera came as a gift and you know what they say....if it's a gift..don't complain, just go with it. So that's what I did and sent it for repair, got back today and so far so good.

They tested with the 50mm 1.4 (i can see they used that lens because it remained registered in the camera). The AF-fine tune is set to OFF. I was told they calibrated the AF sensors.

I was also told by the rep. at the store where I bought it that Nikon knows about these issues but decide to reduce costs by only tuning those that they receive a complain about.

Personally I don't know whether that's true or not but to me makes perfect sense (unfortunately). Although I do believe that if that is indeed the case then they are playing with us the customers.

Anyways, DO send the camera for repair if you have the problem and decide to keep it because they do fix it. Also, that way Nikon can have a better idea of how many are affected. Again, you shouldn't be doing this. We pay WAAAAAY too much for 36MP.


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