Goodbye LR4.1 (and Windows 7)

Started Aug 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
Henry Richardson Forum Pro • Posts: 15,366
Please be specific, what are your specs?

Chris Noble wrote:

I had the same problem... with my 5-6 yr old computer. I bought a new one for $900 and LR 4.1 reacts instantaneously to anything I do (except bulk loads/adjusts/outputs-- but even those are a lot faster than LR 3.6 was on my old computer).

Can you be very specific about which computer you bought and all the specs? I ask because I have seen so many posts here and on the Adobe LR forum from people who have new, very high spec computers that also have serious performance problems so before I change my computer I need to know exactly which computer and specs work and which ones don't. Thanks.

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