We wuz robbed !!!!!

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Re: Exactly.

Well said. DPR stuff need some reality check, go out and actually talk to real people and see what they want from their cameras, and not to the tiny slice of "enthusiasts" and permanent camera reviewers. If they do, they will find that like 80% of buyers of APS-C DSLRs and mirrorless buy it with a kit zoom and never take it off, because just 2 months ago it was the only way you can get good low-light IQ and performance (BTW, they don't care about RAW and shoot at Auto too). And now all that huge segment, MOST OF THE MARKET, was single-handedly invalidated because RX100 at f/1.8 suddenly matches (or beats in case of Canons) all those slow kits at f/3.5. If DPR cannot see the revolution here, they must be blind. If they were not blind, they should have introduced Platinum Award just for RX100.

Tom Hoots wrote:

Kirwin wrote:

...by creating a camera with many astounding attributes of a large sensor camera that can fit in your pocket!

And yet this milestone... called the RX100, is only worthy of dpreview's silver award.

Yes, that's the main disappointment for me. Sony virtually "creates a whole new category out of thin air," and DPReview goes, "Yawn, who cares?"

I think of the G1X as "the camera nobody really wanted" -- sure, since the advent of the "mirrorless" cameras, plenty of folks have said that they want a bigger sensor like that in a compact-style camera, myself included, but I don't think anyone was expecting a camera virtually as big and heavy as a DSLR body when Canon finally made that happen.

Then Sony finally comes along a proves that "They get it" -- they understand that what an enormous percentage of what the 'enthusiast' market wants is a bigger sensor in a fully pocketable sized camera.

And then DPReview shows that they just really don't "get it" at all. Move along -- nothing to be seen here -- ewww, we didn't like the handling or some other odd, inconsequential thing -- like how no pocket-sized cameras have ever had a native ability to attach filters -- and so on.....

In the end, you know, I don't really care what anyone else thinks about the RX100, or any other camera I own -- the RX100 fits my needs absolutely perfectly, and it is essentially that "perfect camera" I've been looking for ever since I began to comprehend the concept of different-sized sensors. It's just how DPReview's subjective ranking just kind of throws a blanket over major innovation -- gosh, "why bother" go to all the effort to create something that nobody has ever been able to make before, when the rankings just don't even begin to consider that effort in the end.

Oh, well. I expect that Sony's sales will show that "near-DSLR image quality that fits in your pocket" is more valuable to their customers than DPReview found it to be in their rankings.

Tom Hoots

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