At last - Complete article on new way to use AF on the E-M5

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Detail Man
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Where would we be without such incisive crystalline coherence ?

BushmanOrig wrote:

In the previous discussion you also started with this wierd style of yours.... Why are you that sensitive on Panasonic lenses? Are loosing commision or sales? I am not going to get into the type of discussion you are begging me to, simply because its a complete waste of energy and time, if you have nothing else to do, at least turn of your PC and go out and take a few pictures with what ever camera you really own....

While getting fresh air get over it and move on in life my friend....


Re: Our group of intellectual equivalence advocates are boring.......

BushmanOrig wrote:

With all respect guys, you are rude, aggressive, absolute negative influence on the forum, its like gangsters with the fingers on the keyboard ready to get into a copy paste war....

Here you will find a link where you can design and run your Equivalence forum and if the idea is that popular hundreds will follow you.....

Please go away.....

The rest of us can then go ahead creating a friendly place people can enjoy their 43rds lenses can tiny sensors that shoot the equivalent IQ than 135 sensors;-)

We love you guys and will go see how the copy paste wars are doing.....

I copied a few friendly, polite and civilized comments from the equivalence lords....

OK bozo's come wage your holy crusades, pinning secret copy/paste theories against me!!!!!!BBHHAAAA

Tapeworms detailed example saying on forum:-)

  • Please translate from "Brianese",

  • Well, cheers to you too, then, I suppose

  • Some random bozo has declared that you

  • Is it true that you are secretly pining away for the E-M6 while flirting with Lady Leica MM ??

  • Do you wage little holy crusades upon those nice, sweet people, too ?

  • Why should we really care what you think is relevant and what is not ?

  • That was mighty swift of you to enter a post devoid of one single original thought.

  • Mummy and Daddy tell me that it is neither safe or healthy to talk to clueless tapeworms. Icky !

  • Sorry, are you of Lilliputian ancestry ? I do hope that you find inner peace with your little "snit-fit".

  • I'm fairly sure it's clownage fodder, first and foremost.

  • ... when the brains were being passed out ? ...

  • Heaven forbid that humans might aspire to walk while also chewing gum. Perish the thought !!!

  • Your rare insights (above) would surely "knock 'em out" on the "Beginners Questions" forum !

  • One of those "Have you stopped beating your wife yet" gambits, eh, Bob?

  • Yet another fact-free (aside from a calculation error) personal attack

  • ...really? Fast and loose with the truth again boggus?

  • All true, but you misquoted the last, it should be:

  • Where was that, boggis? Oh, it didn't exist! You've been caught lying again

  • I am going to assume that Bob picked up his falsification from you,

  • Or, perhaps, there are lies, and liars, involved


We had enough of this .... we cannot take it any further....we will fight these rude equivalence preachers to the end!!!!!!!

Come fellow f2 (f - stop ) Photogs lets go camp!!!!

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