couple quations about FZ200

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Re: couple quations about FZ200

Download the 7.2 version of the DNG. (Adobe Raw Converter.) This is a FREE stand alone piece of software that will convert all cameras supported by ACR 7.2, including the FZ200, G5 and LX-7 to a .DNG (digital negative) raw file. It will convert your Panasonic .RW2 files to .DNG files

Adobe came up with the DNG format and put it in the public domain and guaranteed to maintain it as long as they are in business. They did this to guarantee that years from now you will still be able to open your raw files. No one knows if Panasonic (or any other camera manufacturer) will even be around, much less still maintain software to open 2012 raw files 10, 20 or 50 years from now.

There are two other advantages to DNG files. One is that the files are slightly smaller–usually about 80% of the size of manufactures' raw file and most importantly–no more sidecar (.xmp) files that can get separated from their original raw files causing you to lose all your raw file adjustments. Instead this data is stored in the header of the DNG file.

Personally, I convert all my raw files to DNGs when I download them to my computer.

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