Any experience with this D800 grip?

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Re: Any experience with this D800 grip?

GMack wrote:

I'll add something you might not want to hear having been a bench tech.

I haven't seen the service manual on the D800 series - yet. If this camera has the ability to store error codes much as your car (Seems it most likely does now, much as it records third party lenses in the menu now, but how much deeper in the menu it goes who knows?), and if their techs can read those error codes with Nikon's repair software and see "Error: Unknown power pack used," then I refer you to Page xix in your manual where the "non-Nikon electronic accessories may void your warranty" appears. It's mentioned "twice" on that page, once in all CAPITAL LETTERS too. As fast and willing as Nikon has done with some lens warranty be voided due to questionable "Impact damage," I wouldn't put it past them to void out a D800 for an aftermarket battery pack either and stick the owner with a $2,000 service bill at some point claiming the "Circuitry has been irreparably damaged."

Your call though - and do you feel lucky.


A lot of people keep mentioning this. I would like proof of one episode when this has truly happened.

This should be true with all kind of accessories, including Grips, Flash Units, Microphones, and what not (even lenses?). But that's just bull.

Nikon representatives themselves mentioned (I don't remember if in the presentation video of the D800 or the D4) that you can use other microphones other than the ME-1 to connect to the camera. Nikon doesn't make any other, which means the guy implied you can use off-brand microphones as well.

I doubt he would mention that if it could void your warranty. I just think they mention other brand Microphones and not flash units or battery grips, because Nikon does not have a variety of them and video is becoming an increasingly-requested feature, and it would be kind of dumb to say: "oh you can use off-brand flash units and grips too!".

It's just they make a lot of money (especially local re-sellers) on accessories, so they will try to make sure you buy from them.

That line in the manual is probably just to prevent the dumb "blonde American" (not trying to be racist, it's just to get the concept through) to decide they know well enough to make their own battery grip with some plastic some tape and some basic wiring and then ending up frying the camera. That will not be covered by warranty.

But even if something goes wrong with a Meike or Pixel grip (which has never happened afaik), I doubt they will complain.

The only thing I would stay away from are compatible battery packs, but that's just me (had bad experience with laptop batteries some 8 years ago), maybe now the standards on those have improved as well.

Here in Europe you can even send Tamron/Sigma lenses with your body (and other nikon lenses) to a Nikon center and have them tuned properly properly to your body with no difference of cost (with respect to Nikon-only lenses)

Get your gear out and shoot without worrying to much

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