Does bracket shooting work on the DP2M?

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Does bracket shooting work on the DP2M?

It actually works much better on the DP2M, because the buffer has been increased to hold 7 shots (even RAW & JPeg at highest settings), and you can shoot the second set of bracketed shots a second or so after the first one - something you could not do with the old DP1 / DP2.

If you have to change settings in between - which you can do more or less imediately, you will anyway need a couple of seconds or so to change the settings before shooting again, which in practical terms translates to: write times are of no concern anymore.

Frankly: I don't understand why people still complain about the write times. The only explanation I have is that they don't fully understand the operations of the DP2 Merrill (that includes Steve Huff - though I think his review otherwiise is good and fair (apart from some technical / historical details)).

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