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1) I understand the stabiliser is in the camera, not the lenses. Does this mean you get a stabiliser with all lenses including all the prime lenses? That can be nice (eventhough I don't need it for most of my photos). How does the Sony stabiliser compare with e.g. the Canon lens stabiliser?

  • The in-lens stabilisation for Canikon generally offers about a 1/2 a stop advantage over in body stabilisation, but the in body stabilisation is extremely effective. With fast primes it is superb.

2) I don't know what SLT means. Does anyone have a link for that?

3) I don't have so much experience with the OLED viewfinder. This is another main reason I'm upgrading my camera. What can I expect in comparison with Canon APS-C and FF camera viewfinders?

  • the OLED is an excellent solution and IMHO in most situations superior to an APS-C finder, although it is the source of a number of religious wars on this forum.

  • Advantages-WYSIWIG-you can, to a limited extent, see how exposure changes are going to affect the final image. Ability to overlay information on the vf such as levels, and see histograms in realtime in the VF.

  • Disadvantages- some issues tracking fast moving subjects and can be difficult to use in extremely bright light.

4) I also see that some of the best Sony lenses are made by Zeiss. The Zeiss lenses I know are manual focus only. Do the Sony Zeiss ones also auto focus? How are they in general in comparison with Canon or Nikon lenses? They are at least as expensive and often more... This could be a deal breaker since there is very little used here and not so easy to find most new either...

  • The Sony CZ lenses are AF and are superb. I own the 135 1.8 and it is the best SLR lens I have used-good Bokeh, fast focusing, sharp as hell wide open and good colours.

5) A lot of lenses from some companies have issues of focus shift etc. How do Sony/Zeiss lenses compare? Do they also occasionally have issues. I use mostly big aperture prime lenses for many different distances and it can be a problem if this happens.

  • I have not had issues, and the high end bodies (a77, a850 and 900) allow you to correct for back and front focussing.

6) Can older manual lenses work on Sony cameras with an adapter? For example I use an old Olympus lens on a Canon with an adapter. Is it possible to use the same lens on a Sony camera?

  • Not sure about olympus, but M42 lenses work great, and focus peaking makes manual focus a breeze. I have seen tilt and shift adaptors for medium format lenses.

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