At last - Complete article on new way to use AF on the E-M5

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Thank you. But what are your tips?

Thank you for taking the time to try to figure out the best way to use AF on the EM-5. Your article is interesting, but to nitpick ;-), I think it lacks a synthesis or at least a summary about the tips you try to give. Maybe it would be a good idea to add this section to make it clearer.

Now, if I try to understand you, you suggest those important tips :

  • instead of pressing the shutter all the way directly, it's more efficient to press it halfway, get the focus OK, then press the shutter all the way.

  • use the zoom AF to get more focus accuracy

Is there another tip that I miss?

Another question : wouldn't those tips apply to every CDAF cameras, and not only the EM-5?


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