5D3 vs A99

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Sony makes the best...

spec sheets in the world.

I really feel like many of their products are designed by the marketing team and then handed over to R&D to build the product. It seems like many products sole purpose is to look good on the spec sheets... to have some great numbers/features to print on the outside of the product packaging.

I've been burned by Sony before by products that had better specs and lower prices than any of the competition... but horrible execution/design.

I have very little faith in Sony besides as a company with great marketing that makes pretty products that feel good when you pick them up and read the specs/features. I'm very skeptical they can produce a camera that will be more than a niche product.

And I agree with others, that personally, one of the main reasons I'd never want to put my money into sony DSLRs is that I can completely see them dropping DSLRs, or at least mostly abandoning the market, to focus on more profitable markets like mirrorless.

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