X-S1...a few comments

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Re: X-S1...a few comments

Thank you for all of your reply's. You are always very informative.

When i bought mine, i started a frenzy last month at our family reunion,
So far a total of 9 X-S1's in the family now. All produced in 2nd quarter.

i guess on making the statement "most" was over reaching. Only one has had the EVF not turn off unless the battery is taken out...is was replaced with a new one.

The "boxed" i was referring to a brand new one unopened.

For me just was expressing the fact that i donot have to carry around a larger bag with extra lenses with my DSLR and still have the the feel and function of one., plus do not have to worry about changing lenses. If one is looking for that I think this may be a good choice. Sometimes I am not very comfortable about carrying around over $3000 worth of gear.

Sorry you do not find the cam suitable for your tastes.
Thanks for your input and respect your view.

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