Nikon V1 vs. Sony RX100 ...thoughts and sample photos

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A Few Key Issues

Michael Klein wrote:


I wasn't trying to come off as if I care one is better than the other...but it seems like there is some irrational exhuberance over this takes great pics....20 megapixels is over kill for me...and I didnt see huge difference in the I.Q between the two camera's and of course i've chosen the V1 because I enjoy shooting with it...much more than the RX100.

Here is the problem. You wanted the outcome in a certain way. It is okay if you complain about lack of EVF, but then, you should credit RX100 for being smaller. Size is why RX100 exists, otherwise you might as well compare Nikon V1 to Sony NEX-5N.

You also choose to present higher resolution as a bad thing. But ignore or forget or perhaps aren't aware about how it actually helps RX100 gain a greater reach. The lens in the RX100 is constrained by size (not quite true for V1... you can spend more and get another lens for telephoto zoom). Consequently, it is also limited in its reach. RX100, by virtue of its 20 MP sensor, can afford to take advantage of a recent development: Clear Image Zoom. In other words, RX100 makes up for the lack of optical flexibility via a higher resolution sensor.

Finally, your comparison itself. You did not use identical settings. Do you think you'd get the same result from V1 in auto mode compared to manual or semi-auto mode (that you used with it)? Perhaps you believe V1 would do better with auto mode than it would with you making the decisions? Then, you should have left V1 in auto mode, just as you did, with RX100.

But, I wouldn't. Automatic modes have way too many variances and compromises. If I were comparing image quality under identical settings, I would use identical settings and go from there. That would typically mean using full manual control, and both cameras afford that option. To a lesser extent, semi-auto modes (Aperture or Shutter priority).

Taking pics in bright light without a viewfinder is a strong negative point in using this camera...

That would be an issue with Nikon J1 as well. Then, why did Nikon skip EVF on that model? You're ignoring the very point of RX100: Portability.

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