FZ200 F2.8 600mm ISO400 100% crop

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Re: Setting the record straight.

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

Does stacking 12 essentially identical photos produce the improved results to which you allude?

Yes. I just tried it again to refresh my memory. Comparing 10 stacked shots at ISO 3200 with a single shot of the same scene taken at ISO 800, using a shutter speed 4x slower, the stacked image was slightly better. In fact the midtones and upper midtones were as good in the stacked ISO 3200 images as a single ISO 400 shot of the same scene, but the ISO 400 shot had slightly better color and contrast in the deep shadows.

I need to do more experimentation using all the ISO settings on my 50D, but so far I get the impression there is more than a 2 stop advantage from stacking about 6 or 10 images at high ISO. Whether that holds true at lower ISOs remains to be seen. What I'd like to do next, when I have the time, is compare stacked images from my Canon 50D with a single shot from my D800E.

For the benefit of those who have Photoshop (and you might need the Extended version, not sure), the procedure I used was as follows:

(1) From the "File" heading, top left corner, go down to 'Scripts' then to 'Load files into Stack'.

(2) From the window that appears select the images you want to stack by clicking on 'Browse', then tick the two boxes, 'Automatically align Images', and 'Create Smart Objects after Loading Layers'. Then click OK.

(3) After this procedure is complete, which might take some time depending on the amount of memory your computer has, go to the "Layers" heading, then down to 'Smart Objects', then to 'Stack Mode'. Click on 'Mean'. That's all there is to it.

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