Nikon D3100 with 18-55 dx VR kit lens

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Re: Nikon D3100 with 18-55 dx VR kit lens

zippy77777 wrote:

I have the above equipment. When i press the shutter button down half way to focus and then release, a second later the lens makes a clonking sound. It only does this when in VR mode, when I turn VR off it doesnt do it.

Can anyone please tell me if this is normal or do I have a problem with my new lens? Sometimes the picture will also jump in the viewfinder after the picture is taken.

I have spoken to Nikon and they think the lens has a problem, but before I send it off to them I just wanted to check with you guys to find out if you know anything about this or whether there is a problem, or anyone might know what it is and a fix for it?

Thank you so very much!


Hi Zippy

I have the D5100 with that exact same lens. I can tell you that I never take VR off and it has never made this noise. The only time the shutter sounds slightly more loud is when taking a long exposure, but VR has nothing to do with it. I would take it in to Nikon. They're very good when it comes to warranties!

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