New Official X10 Ergonomic Kit *pics inside*

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Re: New Official X10 Ergonomic Kit *pics inside*

Trevor G wrote:

StarSprinkles wrote:

Trevor G wrote:

Some of us prefer to pay more for the genuine article, rather than help some thief profit from a knock-off.

Yup. I'm one of those people. I like to support companies that I like. I love Fujifilm, love their products, and I like genuine stuff (except for batteries!).

You're a Star!

I actually look for genuine branding on Fuji batteries (they're all so cheap) in case they actually are...genuine, that is.

"Other brand" batteries or whatever which are compatible are not a problem for me when they don't pretend to be the real thing. I have one supposedly-genuine Fuji NP50 which just looks odd, as if the labelling was produced from a poorly photocopied version of the genuine. Not hard to guess where it came from.

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Trevor G

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Yeah I was lucky in that my X10 and my old f100fd use the exact same battery, so I had an automatic spare, but I was able to find some higher capacity batteries on Amazon that were great for vacation, for like, $5. They're CLEARLY branded differently though, so I didn't feel bad.

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