Nikon V1 vs. Sony RX100 ...thoughts and sample photos

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Thanks for the work that went into this.

Hello Michael, first off, thanks for doing the test. The 1" sensor is an interesting prospect - especially as Nikon took so much stick in the early days of adopting the standard and now increasingly, it looks like a decision that is being vindicated.

I would compare the XR100 to the J1 rather than the V1 as body size and no EFV make them more comparable. Even side by side your images look close, if either were viewed as a stack, I doubt many of us could declare a preference. However I did note three in which I thought the XR100 did better. 1) the lighting inside the pavillion (that has a keep off sign). 2) the boats that follow, the XR100 deals better with the shadow and 3) the boat of the Northport fire/Rescue looks sharper and better detailed on the XR100. But these things are so hit and miss on general settings that I think you are right to say the they are close enough.

However, I know I can do more extreme cropping with my XR100 than I could with the Nikon. I recently did a big crop and oprinted it out to A3 (17" x 11") and it looked good. Also the single lens solution, (a good quality Zeis) and small size makes the XR100 a better solution for me - though not for everyone and that's why we should celebrate choice rather than go down the x is better than y route, which is the general self destructive path that too many threads at DPR follow.

Having owned the V1 - J1 and XR100, I think that Nikon processing is nice and that a 16MP sensor in their bodies would be a good halway house between the two camera types. I think Nikon could use the J1 body to make their own version of the XR100 and that it would be a big success.

Again, thanks for taking the time to put all this together (and for your initial enthusiastic posts that introduced me to the 1" sensor all those months ago), Norm

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