We wuz robbed !!!!!

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Re: We wuz robbed !!!!!

Shorthand wrote:

There will be a gold-class camera in this configuration eventually, but this first venture into this particular segment is definitely going to be a learning experience for the entire industry.

So it's fair to rate it compared to future cameras now?

Sony CREATED a new class of camera, and it's far enough ahead of the field in terms o image quality and performance in that form factor, that you don't even have to look at other cameras in that form factor. It's a big enough gap that you can go based on reviews alone. Unless its got huge failings that can't be overlooked (a la G1X's odd compromises in terms of form factor, odd OVF, dodgy AF), I don't see how this doesn't get a gold rating.

Best in class by a WIDE margin in the way that matters most ( image quality) with class leading performance in most areas like AF, while being smaller than most compact with sMaller sensors.

What other walk around pocketable compact would you even consider over this one?

Oh yeah... The FuTURE camera Canon will make in 2014. I forgot about that one.

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