Canon 1Ds mkIII and the Dolomites in June 2012

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Hans Kruse wrote:

Press Correspondent wrote:

I know... It was back ordered for months and now we are so close to Photokina that it makes no sense to buy anything before we see what's coming. I mean, c'mon Nikon, what's the point of announcing a camera if you can't make it before the competition catches up? Yeah, the Sony sensor is great, but the Nikon body and whole system just look increasingly unattractive with so many problems and issues...

Interesting! You see I use a 4.5 year old camera that for me still gives top results. As I have mentioned I know very well about the D800, but still I continue with the 1Ds mkIII. Maybe this is an eye opener for you? Marginally better technical specs in the same form factor only gives little and your pictures will probably for a period of time be inferior since you will need time to know a new camera, especially if you change brands.

In general, you have a point, but... Your camera may be 5 years old, although still a current model, but it was a $7k top of the line unit then and now still is about the same price and functionality as the just released 5D3, give or take. Yes, in your case switching to the 5D3 or D800 would be only marginally better or worse. In turn, I shoot with the 5D that is 7 years old, already upgraded twice by Canon, that a half the time gives an underexposed blur. In my case either the 5D3 or D800 is an upgrade that is dramatically noticeable right away, I have tried.

For me the main reason against the D800 is a limited use case of its 3 main advantages:

1. The higher resolution exceeds the required Image Domain, a concept I have developed to describe the necessary resolution (you can search this forum for the term, I have given extensive explanations), which is about 20 mp, and therefore, generally, more is not required (you said the same thing). The higher resolution would be great for cropping, but it's use case in real life would be minimal for me.

2. The wider DR is great, but I only feel this pain when my 5D underexposes (as it does a lot), so my problem trully is metering rather than DR. The wider DR is great, but it's use case for me would be only a few percent perhaps.

3. Face recognition with focus on the closest eye. I have not heard many reports on whether or not this actually works in real life. In any case, this function is offset by the AF problems of D800. In addition to the "left focusing point issue", Lloyd Chambers reports inconsistent focusing beyond 80 feet.

Plus lack of the AF glass, of course, on top of the crippled interpolated LV making manual focusing with Zeiss a true pain. Plus crazy white balance issues with zombie-looking skin colors on AWB in artificial light. Plus lack of a clever electronic curtain (a.k.a. "silent shutter") of 5D3. And finally, the availability delayed so much that 5D3 already has dropped in price below D800e. And then the LensRental revelation about a wastly superior AF in 5D3/1Dx with modern lenses. It all adds up to a not so pretty picture for D800e in light of the upcoming Photokina.

Still, properly used, nothing can match the IQ of D800 specifically for landscapes Perhaps you are right that for most this extra IQ is not required and is not worth the pain, but I've read reports of other users here requiring over 50 mp for landscapes and claiming a significant visual improvement in prints in stitched 50+ mp images. Or just read any medium format opinion. All these guys don't see even the D800 resolution sufficient. I guess, everyone's process is different and so are the requirements.

My personal decision is to gradually switch the brands from Canon to ... new Canon with the AF feedback in the lenses (2010+), radio flash (already got one 600EX-RT), and a 2012+ body. If no 3Dx at the Photokina, I may go with 5D3 for now. Life is short

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