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Re: New RX100 owner - vs Fujifilm X10

I'm seriously considering moving from X10 to RX-100. My biggest complaint is size - the X10 just isn't comfortable even in a jacket pocket. Once it's in a bag, or round my neck, I might as well have an SLR and take better shots. But I know what I'll miss from the X10:

Low light performance (combination of lens, EXR mode, and camera grip)
The polarising filter I can use (assume no filters available for RX-100??)
Excellent dynamic range
Viewfinder (which I find genuinely useful, to my surprise)

But I'm fed up with:
Bulk (especially with the filter adapter)
Relatively poor resolution and slight softness
Useless RAW mode

I'm off to the Paralympics opening ceremony in a few hours with my X10, and I just know it's going to annoy me hanging around my neck or being a big lump. I wish I could have an RX-100 too and compare them!

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