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Re: No we wuzn't! - Frustrating user interface with restrictions

Ray Sachs wrote:

Couldn't agree more. Had mine for nearly a month and I'm constantly amazed by its performance, but I don't really enjoy shooting with it. I also checked out an LX7 and warmed up to it more in a couple hours than the RX100 in three weeks. Unfortunately, the LX7 image quality doesn't compare to the RX100, particularly at higher ISOs, so I decided to keep the RX100 despite my lukewarm feelings about shooting with it. But I'm looking forward to the Panasonics and Fujis and Ricohs of the world incorporating a similarly great sensor into something that feels like a small camera rather than a high quality P&S...

100% agreed. I have my RX100 for several weeks now. It is a high quality point-and-shoot. But there are too many unnecessary restrictions in the user interface for seroius photographers. Ony a few examples:

  • limited bracketing (max. + - 0.7 EV)

  • self-timer can not be combined with bracketing

  • self-timer can not be combined with HDR mode

  • the most unnecessary button "?" can not be redefined

  • no fast switch possibility between the different MR modes (e.g. via a button)

  • many other unneccessary restrictions

I always have the feeling that this camera (and especcially its firmware) is developed by engineers, but not by people who are photography enthusiasts. In his review, Richard Butler calls the handling sometimes "frustrating". I can second that.

This is a high quality point-and-shoot, but the restrictions in interface and handling are often frustrating for photographers.

The "silver award" is adequate.

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