Rokinon 7.5 for mft questions.

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Re: Rokinon 7.5 for mft questions.

MT wrote:

Based on all the positive comments here, I picked up a copy of the Rokinon fisheye for MFT. Amazed at how small and lightweight it is. Excellent.

A few questions if I may:

1. I read that hyperfocal occurs with the focusing distance indicator just a tick UNDER infinity. How much under infinity? Anyone has a shot?

2. I set mine for a tick and the odd thing is that some shots turn out pretty sharp and some soft. None turned out tack sharp but I may be asking for too much wide open at f3.5? I also have some very obvious purple fringing on some edges.

I am interested in the hyperfocal distances as well but at the close end and at smaller f stops. with this lens its possible to focus from a few inches away from the camera through to infinity.

Anyways, any full sized samples online so that I can get a sense of the shaprness?

3. Can I do a proper defish using Lightroom 4 (still need to install the package) or Adobe Elements 7.0 which I still use? Or do I need to get an aftermarket plug in?

Thanks i advance for any help. Great forum. Converted me from the NEX system and I never regreted it once though both are excellent systems.


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