Dpreview Sony RX100 Review Posted!

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Re: Dpreview Sony RX100 Review Posted!

There is already a thread about the Dpreview RX100 review (although with a less understandable thread title):

Anyway, I paste my comment here too:

I don't agree with Dpreview's complaints about the clickless front wheel. This is perfect for focus and zoom operation. If you assign other functions to the front wheel, you still have the display to control the values. If you want to have clicks, simply use the back wheel. I am very satisfied (in practice) with Sony's design decision and would hate if Sony would have built the camera the way Dpreview obviously likes.

According display in sunlight: Did you turn the display to sunny mode (not automatic)? In sunny mode the display is much brighter and I haven't encountered any situation when I could not use the display (in opposite to previous compacts I have had).

By the way: If there is any Sony camera (including DSLRs and SLTs) that deservs a gold medal, it is RX100.

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